Uw kandidaat-huurderfiche

Uw kandidaat-huurderfiche



You've already visited Stationsplein 3 bus 3 in Tielen and are interested in renting it?

You can register your candidacy here!

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We handle each application discreetly and as soon as possible. However you cannot derive any rights until an agreement is reached between all parties involved.

Please have the following documents and information ready for each prospective tenant. You can use your smartphone’s camera to upload these docs.

  • ID card
  • Proof of net income for the last 3 months
  • Proof of rent payment for the last 3 months*
  • Name and telephone number of current landlord*

The 1/3 rule is applied for every assessment. This means that approximately 1/3 of your net income can go to rent. For example, if your monthly net income is € 2.100, you are eligible for properties with a rent (including costs) of maximum € 700. The cumulative income (including child allowances, pensions, etc) of all prospective tenants together qualifies for this calculation. In addition we also check whether the total number of residents indicated is suitable for the property in question.

*if applicable

Agree to our privacy policy and our pricing to start your application.

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Details (per candidate)

We require the details of every person who wishes to apply. Married couples and cohabitants should each fill in all details. In case you enter details for only one person, then only the income of this one person can be taken into account when assessing the application.

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

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Monthly income (per candidate)

Not only your net wages, but all other sources of income (rent, child allowance, pension, replacement income, etc.) are eligible to calculate your monthly net income.




If your income is rather limited in relation to the rent and costs (taking into account the aforementioned 1/3 rent rule), you can strengthen your candidacy by providing a guarantor. You can upload the contact details and proof of solvency of the guarantor under “other (s)” with documents.

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Extra info


Candidate 1

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Upload docs

To prove your solvency, you can add the following documents (pay slip, assessment notice, proof of replacement income, pension statement, bank solvency certificate, ...)

upload your payslips for the last 3 months, by clicking on '+ add another document ' you can upload various pay slips (and other relevant documents)

* other (s): upload here all other documents to substantiate your application (eg, proof of rent payment of the last 3 months, candidacy guarantor, proof of rental income, etc.).
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You will find a summary of your application below. Before submitting your application, check carefully that all details have been entered correctly and that all necessary documents have been uploaded. Only complete applications can be considered.

Estate details

  • Stationsplein 3 bus 3
  • 2460 Tielen
  • Rent: € 685/month
  • Deposit: € 2055 (3 months)
  • Common costs: € 40/month
  • Available from: 01/08/2018


    Extra info

    • number of residents:
    • pets?
    • rent from:
    • reason for moving
    • remarks:


    • Born on


    Current rental situation

    • current rent: €
    • current landlord:
    • Addresses of your rent locations over the past five years:


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